This map should help you understanding our development goals and progress. Below you'll find a more detailed list showing individual goals. For even deeper insights check out the Endyr Changelog linked on the main page.

The map and listing are updated as necessary.

Roadmap details

Game Content — 48%

background story
level design (outside, underground)
wild animals, monsters, enemies
enemy tactics and attacks
items (armor, weapons, ingredients, etc.)
survival stuff (fishing, hunting, campfires)
crafting recipes (cooking, forging, etc.)
player talents tree, exp gain
puzzles (eg. revealing the bg story)
writing (scrolls, books, signs, etc.)
music composer
clothing designer
scripted events
game balancing
sound effects
custom map graphics
custom item graphics
custom actor graphics
custom object graphics
custom music

Players — 85%

walk around / path-finding
equipment slots
damage model
buffs, needs and temporary effects
crafting interface / different workstations
life display of worn clothing/armor
player classes / level-up (unlocking abilities)
player death and what follows

Actors — 88%

actor support (NPCs, animals, enemies, etc.)
interactions (through weapons and tools)
basic dialogue system
advanced text formatting
shop menu (gold / lux / other currencies)
followers, mounts and pack animals
behaviour (roam, hunt, herd, defense)

Items — Done!

inventory (supporting bag-in-bag)
throwing and disappearing items
stacking and stack handling
item context menus
life display (show items in shelves, frames, etc.)
agriculture (growing plants, harvesting)

Tile Map — Done!

map and game editor
auto-tile placement
animated tiles, palette animations
multi-plane support (eg. ghost plane)
lighting, shadows, daytime
dynamic maps (eg. digging mine lodes)
map instancing
placing and building procedure (co-operative)
interior decoration (furniture)
replacing floor and wall tiles

Game Engine — 91%

multiplayer / MMO
scripting system
GUI (character creation, menus, chat)
multi-lingual interface and scripts
input support (mouse, keyboard, touch)
responsiveness (game/GUI scaling)
helpers (areas, spawners, effects, events)
interaction points for objects
fishing (net / rod, hook, lure)
weather system (rain, snow, heat, etc.)
screen buffer effects (blur, rain, drunk, etc.)
sprite effects (smoke, footsteps, ground blood, etc.)
pixel effects (liquid drops, sparks, dirt sprays, etc.)
optimizations and fine-tuning

Project Environment — Done!

general setup (hardware, database, etc.)
project website
user registration and login (via
pre-ordering / store

Dropped features

List of features that were heavily changed or completely dropped during development (and why):

Seamless map Instead of moving from level to level players should be able to smoothly walk through the whole world and inside buildings. This idea came up during development but it was too late to be included. It remains a subject for further projects.
World housing Initially players should be able to place their homes anywhere on the map. We found this would limit players too much in terms of available space and on the other hand interfere with the scripting of events. Therefore this system was changed to allow instanced "new lands" that are only accessible through teleporters. Basically every player can now buy as many land pieces as they like and build whole cities there.