Kamera-Interface Endyr - Norian Uhr Flüssigkeiten Mitternachts-Azara Fotos

Endyr is a retro-graphics online game focussing PvE, multiplayer co-op, crafting items, mining ores, growing plants, raising animals and building houses. Phew, that was a lot. Short said, there's something in for everyone!

Endyr is an OSCAR game – Online Survival Co-op Action RPG.

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  • No download, no app: Endyr runs directly in your browser on any device
  • Co-op Multiplayer / PvE
  • Crafting items and equipment
  • Mining resources and farming for food production
  • Realtime battles using melee and ranged weapons
  • Atmospheric lighting and shadows
  • Mounts, pack animals and animal companions
  • Characters can be left-, right- or both-handed.
  • Secure player-to-player trading
  • Dead means dead / no resurrection – sometimes the dead even come back as zombies or skeleton enemies
  • Lovingly designed game world, many places to discover


Once there was a peaceful world living in endless daylight. But one day the sky became darker and eventually it was night – for the first time in history. Dangerous creatures, only yet known from dark caves, appeared literally everywhere and went against the peaceful people of Endyr. Not knowing how to fight or defense themselves most of them were slaughtered without mercy. Only when the last group was awaiting their fate the darkness slowly disappeared and all the monsters burned in the bright sunlight. The survivors celebrated the new day.

This is the story of those who were lucky this time. But what if the night returned one day? Would they be prepared and survive one more time? Would they step into the caves in order to gather resources for forging weapons and armor? It's all in your hand.