Basically Endyr costs a monthly fee or EUR 5 with no additional charges (except maybe decorative premium items). However many people asked for a one-time fee instead — So here it is!

As a special offer (and to support the dev) you may now pre-order your lifetime account for only EUR 29.90. That's even less than extending your game time for a full year – not to mention that the longer you live, the more you safe ;-) On top of that pre-ordering allows you to join even secret beta tests of new features.

Sounds good? Hurry up then, this offer is only valid until release day!

After ordering you'll get your pre-order code by e-mail. You'll need this code to unlock your lifetime account. If you don't get the e-mail after 24 hours please send an e-mail to

You may even give away your code as a present!


Choose your own price:

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Without PayPal

You may send your chosen price (at least EUR 29.90) to the following bank account:

Owner: Dominique Kaeser
IBAN: DE66690500010024074148
Account no.: 24074148
BLZ: 69050001
Comment: Endyr pre-order

Important: The bank only submits your name instead of e-mail address. Please send an e-mail titled "Endyr pre-order" to right after payment. Make sure your name is included in the message so I can send your pre-order code in reply.