Language? English and German.
Genre? Action-adventure, MMO, RPG, survival, retro graphics, zombies. (¬º-°)¬
Linux / Mac / Android / etc.? Yes. Runs directly in your browser. We recommend Firefox.
Flash or Java? No. Endyr does not need any plugins.
PvP? Maybe. While being technically possible it's not yet planned.
Death? Permanent. This means: Create a new character, find your dead body and get your items back. It's probably better to go out as a party, so the other members can recover your stuff.
Free to play / Pay to win? No. We don't like to constantly annoy people by showing ads and offers. Also we don't want to design the game in such a way the you can only really play it with premium items. Therefore we chose a small monthly subscription fee (see next question).
  • Endyr is free to play during the alpha test.
  • During beta test: 250 Ycent monthly (equals 2,- EUR)
  • After the release: 600 Ycent monthly (equals 5,- EUR)

In case you don't like monthly subscriptions: Pre-order your lifetime account now!

Release date? (tbd)

Problems and Solutions

  • Opera users: Please disable mouse gestures (Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts). Otherwise the gesture window will popup while holding the right mouse button for walking. Alternatively you can move around by holding the left mouse button.
  • Some browsers may render the game "blurry" or show serious performance issues. A browser update to the latest version might solve the problem. Or try running the game in Firefox.
  • Switching to another application might totally break your framerate causing the game to stutter. In this case try reloading the Endyr window or login again.

If all else fails: Endyr is developed and intensively tested under Firefox. If you are using a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari) and encounter persistent problems while playing, try Firefox.