Pre-order Endyr

After the release Endyr will cost EUR 5 (about US$ 7) per month, with no additional fees (except maybe decorative premium items). Now since many people asked for a one-time fee instead, here it is!

As a special offer (and to support the dev) you may now pre-order your lifetime account for only EUR 29.90. That's even less than extending your game time for a full year – not to mention that the longer you live, the more you safe ;-) On top of that pre-ordering allows you to join even secret beta tests of new features.

Sounds good? Keep in mind that this unqiue offer is only available during development so get it while you can!


Pre-order NOW

You may chose your own amount in order to add a donation:

Each donation directly supports the development!

No PayPal?

Du kannst Endyr auch ohne PayPal vorbestellen. Sende dazu den gewünschten Betrag (siehe Liste oben; mindestens EUR 29.90 bzw. CHF 34.90) an folgendes EU- oder Schweizer Konto:

Inhaber: Käser, Dominique
IBAN: DE66690500010024074148
Kontonummer: 24074148
BLZ: 69050001
Buchungstext: Endyr Vorbestellung
Schweizer Konto
Empfänger: Käser, Dominique
IBAN: CH180025425466546540X
Bank: UBS AG Zürich
BLZ: 254
Postcheck: 80-2-2
Kontonummer: 25466546540X
Buchungstext: Endyr Vorbestellung

Ganz wichtig: Ich sehe im Bankauszug zwar deinen Namen, aber keine E-Mail Adresse. Sende daher unbedingt eine E-Mail an yhoko@yhoko.com, damit ich die Zahlung zuordnen kann. Es reicht, wenn darin dein Name steht und der Betreff "Endyr Vorbestellung" lautet.

Pre-order notes

After ordering you'll get your pre-order code by e-mail. You'll need this code to unlock your lifetime account. If you don't get the e-mail after 24 hours please send an e-mail to yhoko@yhoko.com. Please use the same e-mail account like you did with PayPal.

Please note that the pre-order code will be bound to your Endyr account. You can't use it again if for any reason the account gets deleted and you need to register another.